Project Definition

When thinking about a construction project, the Owners or Managers of a sports building must clearly define what are his or her aims when thinking about a construction project. What are the problems that need solving? What additional revenue is expected? What will bring more fans to the events? Is a new building the best way to achieve the aims rather than upgrading an existing building? We can bring our depth of experience to bear to assist in ensuring the project aims are clear and that the route to achieving them is the most efficient.

Review of Existing Buildings

In many cases the first step in defining a construction project is to understand the existing building better. Are there safety issues that could be improved? Does the building function as it should? We can carry out reviews of existing buildings to provide Owners and Managers with a full report on their facility.

Brief Writing

A clear brief will set out the requirements for the new or refurbished building, both in terms of numbers – room areas, seat numbers and such like – and in terms of more general aims like appearance and atmosphere. We can write briefs for projects based on information supplied by clients to set out the project aims and how they can be achieved.

Concept Designs

An imaginative and efficient design will inspire all those involved with a project. Ben and Paul have been involved with award-winning projects around the world and can accordingly bring a rich and diverse range of experience to any project, be it a new-build, an expansion, or a renovation and re-working of an existing facility that is loved by the fans, the building owners and the wider community. These range from stadiums, training grounds, temporary planning for events to sports masterplans. We look forward to applying our experience and imagination to your project.

Feasibility Studies

An early outline design will establish how the brief will fit on the site, how much any building work will cost, what it might look like, and in general whether the project will be able to meet its aims. We can carry out a study, bringing into the team other consultants such as cost consultants, engineers, transport specialists to give a complete answer.

Client Advisor

We can assist building owners and managers with decisions about the best route to tender and construct a project then advise them throughout the construction process to ensure the best result is achieved and the project aims are delivered.